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Welcome to Nazy A website intended to serve as an instrument for the sale of this very special, extremely rare machine. The information presented within this site is a very small cross section of the complete story that ranges from the time the Thunderbolt was produced by Ford in 1964, numbered 57 of 100 like vehicles, through the very explicitly documented restoration.

Nazy is intended to capture the interest of someone who has a serious desire to become the owner of this magnificent piece of muscle car history. The Contact tab in the lower section provides a means for the most serious individual to securely and confidentially reach out to the owner for a direct communication channel.

Read the Feature Article published August, 2008 in Hemmings Motor News for more information about this Thunderbolt.

This thunderbolt was originally campaigned out of Virginia by Wayne Jones Ford (Picture). After the Wayne Jones involvement Tom Caldera bought it from Johnny Wenegar in Salem, Virginia, March 1974. Caldera’s purchase teamed with partner Nate Cohen decided to campaign the NHRA trail at that time. Nate Cohen was owner of Nazy Crate Enterprises in Freehold, NJ and was a hard charging Ford fanatic until his untimely death in April of 1980. Tom was owner of T&F Autobody and wanted to showcase his talents on a car and Nate would fulfill his need to fill the G force on the drag strip by working his magic on the Thunderbolt.

When the car was purchased by Tom it was already 10 years old and was painted vintage burgundy like the Drag Council Thunderbolts   Picture of vintage ThunderboltPicture of vintage Thunderbolt. At the time NHRA changed the rules so that any size tire could be used in Super Stock as long as the car retained all of the original sheet metal. Bob Jenkins of BJ Chassis, was called upon to fit a 13x31 tire on the Thunderbolt in accordance to NHRA rules. Spot welds were drilled and panels removed. The stock frame rails were moved inboard enough to accommodate 13x31 tires. The trunk floor was narrowed and reinstalled. The gas tank was narrowed and reinstalled. This met NHRA requirements for that class. Tom enlisted the help of Howie Nisgor, professional artist and pin stripper to design a paint scheme to the car that Tom would apply at his autobody shop. Howie designed and applied the mural on the trunk lid as well as the variegated gold leaf lettering on the sides of the car   Picture of Howie lettering Nazy Crate in '74 . The car was primarily used to advance Nazy Crate Enterprises’ performance capabilities and T & F Autobody’s capabilities of building show quality cars   Picture of the Nazy Crate staging in '74  Picture of Nazy Crate on display '74.

After Nate’s death, Tom packed up and moved his business to Orange, CA and took the car with him. This car was in Tom’s possession for 32 years until Randy DeLisio bought it from Tom and has it shipped back to Lyons, NY. The only change to the car was that Tom had the paint removed and put the car in dark primer so it wouldn’t rust. The paint was removed because it was old lacquer and Tom had intentions of painting the car but never did. After arriving in NY in 2006   Picture of Nazy Crate arriving in Lyons, NY 2006  with all of the original parts that came with the car, the restoration was underway in late 2006   Picture of the serial number  Picture of front with quarter panels removed  Picture of right shock mount in bare steel  Picture of right profile on cart in primer  Picture of Nazy Crate in color at Howie's  Picture of   Picture of  .

After paint was finished Howie Nisgor reapplied the mural to the trunk lid and re-lettered the car. Howie’s involvement 32 years after the fact leads to the credibility of this unique Thunderbolt. Click "The Crate Colors" tab for more detail about this priceless story.

Mechanical restoration was completed using the NOS block and high riser heads that came with the car. Carburetors and intake are the original Thunderbolt parts, as well as air bonnets and intake hoses. The engine dyno at 570 hp and was built to NHRA specks during the restoration Picture of   Picture of   Picture of   Picture of   Every part on this car is original to this car as it was originally campaigned. It still retains original Thunderbolt door panels, original gold seat upholstery is under the black seat covers now on the car. This car is a true time warp with the involvement of the original people in the restoration of this unmolested Thunderbolt, all sheet metal and fiberglass components are original Thunderbolt items including the rare transition front bumper from fiberglass to aluminum. Picture of  -Tom and Randy at Lebanon Valley.

Howie in 1974 Applying the Logo
Howie Re-applying the Nazy Crate Logo
Howie Re-applying the Gold Leaf
Howie Re-applying the trunk

In 1974, professional artist Howie Nisgor was enlisted to design and apply a color scheme and graphics to the 64 Thunderbolt. After several artist’s sketching, Howie presented one to Tom that would be forever etched in the minds of those who experienced the Nazy Crate.

32 years later, at the request of Randy DeLisio, Howie once again applied the colors and graphics to the Nazy Crate as he did in 1974. Howie had missing details about the lettering and graphics that were not visible in any photo’s like: the purple outline on some of the lettering and the variegated gold leaf that was applied to the Nazy Crate logo just to site a few.

Hover over the photo thumbnails to see Howie in 1974 and again in 2007 at Randy's shop. This piece of Nazy Crate history is priceless. A very emotional and honorable time for Howie Nisgor.


Randy DeLisio, Owner and sole restorer of the 1964 Ford Thunderbold, has established himself Nationally as a Master classic car restorer and prominent authority on classic car history and authenticity (with a passionate focus on Ford muscle). Randy was featured in the May 2006 Edition of Hemmings Muscle Machines, a great read. Also worth noting, Randy has restored 16 Thunderbolts (no one in the world can make that claim) and has owned 5.

Nazy Crate has held and continues to hold a special spot in Randy’s being and this coupled with his passion for detail and perfection has led to the exceptional attention to every detail with regard to the precise restoration of this Powerful, Pristine and Prestigious vehicle.

There will be no doubt left in one’s mind with regard to the authenticity of any aspect of this masterful restoration. Several hundred photos from the days when the car was purchased in 1964 to the Caldara/Cohen campaign period in the early to mid 70’s to the acquisition from Caldera by DeLisio in 2006 through the restoration period are in Randy’s possession along with other original paperwork.

2010 Dragstrip Demons

As if the Crate wasn't surronded by enough history, on November 19th, 2009, Hot Wheels announced its lineup for the 2010 Dragstrip Demons Series and number 20 on the list of 25 was the Nazy Crate. The 2010 series was heralded to contain “Some of the most daring Dragsters on the strip” and Nazy Crate shared the spotlight with 24 other legendary and notorious racers like Snake and Mongoose Wedge Dragsters and Shirley Muldowney’s 71 Mustang Funny Car.

The addition of the Nazy Crate to the 2010 Dragstrip Demons demonstrates the Crate’s remarkable ability to continue to make history 47 years after rolling of the assembly line in 1964 and just as it did on the strip piloted by Nate Cohen in the mid to late 70’s and later by Randy DeLisio's encore run at Lebanon Valley in 2009.

This Thunderbolt has a life in and of itself and will never settle for side line status. So, be prepared to embark on a pleasurable and prestigious journey as the owner of the 1964 Ford Thunderbolt the racing world knows as Nazy Crate. An individual seriously interested in becoming the owner of this historical machine can contact the current owner by submitting a secure inquiry by clicking on the Contact tab.


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This site is intended to serve as an instrument for the sale of the Nazy Crate.

If you genuinely interrested in receiving additional information on the Nazy Crate, please contact Randy directly by email. Click on the Email Randy link.